by Edd Stark

Rest in power Anthony Lowe Jr. This man was a double amputee because the Texas police blew his legs off. I just watched the video of his state sponsored assassination by Cali police. Mr. Lowe literally hopped out of his wheelchair to flee from cops on foot. He had no legs, no feet. He was clutching a knife while fleeing in absolute fear of his life. Slave catchers shot him 8 times in the back. He was 36 and a father of two.

Under white supremacy Black people are subhuman. That fact hasn’t changed since the days of formal chattel slavery. Mr. Lowe was executed because he’s a Black man, and therefore treated subhuman by police. The loss of his legs and now his life by uniformed assassins is clear evidence of this. You must understand, police are slave catchers and prisons are slave warehouses. Under this anti-Black system the assassination of Mr. Lowe is the rule, not the exception. We must #AbolishThePolice, my line on this will never change. You cannot reform evil.