Vax Post 1

by Edd Stark


I’m calling this Vax Post 1 because covid is the new norm and this won’t be my last post about it. Let’s begin by stating I’m not vaxed and at this time have no plans to become vaxed. I don’t choose sides in the sense of vaxed vs non-vaxed but I do choose sides in the sense of choice vs I’m-white-and-I-say-so. And before you fix your lips to question how this is an “I’m-white-and-I-say-so” issue when plenty of Black folk are pro-vax, let me remind you that Blacks don’t have the power to bully anyone at a systemic level. In this instance, Blacks can’t systemically force you to take the vax, only whites can and DO do that.

White supremacy, via the government and major corporations, has been ramping up it’s efforts to ensure everyone gets the jab. Infringement on civil rights started with travel restrictions but the demands are becoming more and more aggressive. For example, last time I flew the airports and state laws required me to get tested for covid before and after my trip. Now I’m hearing about covid “passports” and it sounds like we’re headed toward an if-you’re-not-vaxed-you-can’t-fly type of situation. This very much hurts my civil liberties. I don’t care what white people think, but even half of whites in this country agree getting vaxed should be a choice.

And that’s just the start. How many friends and family members have told you their employer is pressuring or forcing them to get vaxed? This is exploitation. Anyone being forced to choose between the vax and keeping their job is a victim. “Anyone” means poor people because poor people can’t afford to lose their job. Poor people means disproportionately Black people. Forcing a large percentage of Blacks to get vaxed or face joblessness is evil. It’s an obvious violation of human rights as white supremacy is dictating medical decisions of oppressed people. People who live paycheck to paycheck literally can’t afford to say no.

The bottom is line is this: In a world where employers require employees to get vaxed, white people can afford to say no and most Black people can’t. White people have choices or privileges we don’t. White privilege. Yet another example of why you people didn’t make good choices, rather you had good choices.