Two Sides of the Same Coin

by Edd Stark

Dear #EddHeads,

Do not vote. Not for a Replication and certainly not for a Democrat. Neither has any love for you. Truthfully, they are one and the same.

I don’t have to explain or prove to you why Republicans are nazis, Trump did that. I will learn you something about the Democrats. They don’t fuck with us either, they just hide their agenda better. The Republican Party = overt racism while the Democratic Party = covert racism. Never forget, Jim Crow Joe is responsible for the Crime Bill that sent hundreds of thousands of our people to slave warehouses otherwise known as for-profit prisons, arguably the single most damaging act of anti-Black hate we’ve ever endured since formal slavery. Remember, this is the same guy who when confronted by the issue of integration in the 70’s said he didn’t want his kids going to school in a “racial jungle”. How can we trust such a man and the party he represents to push the needle forward?

Consider this, we had the first and only Black president running the country for 8 years and he didn’t do one damn thing for our people. Why? According to Barry, it’s because his hands were tied. By his fellow Democrats. His own party members would not “allow” him to pass anything that even remotely resembled a tangible benefit for Black folk. Notice, the same boycott doesn’t apply to any other group. Asians, Native American Indians, Jews, Arabs, even gays, and of course whites all receive group-specific tangible benefits in exchange for their vote.

I’ll add, this is more evidence to the fact that any serious attempt at Black Liberation must come from outside white supremacy’s institutions, not within.

I went to college, I took a political science course. My white professor told me AmeriKKKa has a one party system, not two. When an educated white man describes the supposed duo as a single unit in terms of agenda, and we consider that his description is coming from a Eurocentric (white) perspective, we can only concur with his analysis when investigating how these supposedly polarized parties truly regard and treat the Black community. The truth is crystal–they both hate us, equally. That, ironically, is the true nature of what little equality we do have in modern AmeriKKKa. We’re feared, hated, and abused on both sides of the white man’s political spectrum, despite the difference in rhetoric.

I’ll end on the following: Republican v. Democrat is a white issue. The political parties, the ideologies and rhetoric, it’s all designed by and for non-Black people only. Parallel to all other aspects of being Black in AmeriKKKa, we have no voice, no place in politics. I’ll take it a step further and proclaim that any Black face in office is no longer, or quickly losing their Black psychology. Voting Rep doesn’t make you a proponent of the Black family. Voting Dem doesn’t make you woke. It makes you a cog in the wheel for massa’s chariot.