It’s None of Your Business

by Edd Stark

I’m happy to announce we’re beginning renovations on our recording studio so we can go public with a brick and mortar location for 107 Studios! I’ll share more about this in future posts.

So there I was shopping for bids online. I emailed one contractor in particular who in his reply asked me if I’m vaccinated. Mind you this is the first contact we’ve ever had. Don’t know each other, never did business before. I thought about how to respond. In business you learn to match people’s energy, so that’s what I did. My response was: “Absolutely not! However, I’d be happy to wear a mask. I hope this is not a deal breaker for you.”

It was a deal breaker for him.

First, it’s not okay to ask a complete stranger about their medical history. Are you HIV+, do you have cancer? Second, in business you can’t discriminate against people based on their medical shit. There’s handicap parking spaces and ramps in front of every business for a reason. Third, it’s a loaded fucking question. If I say yes dude is happy and I’m a liar. If I say no I’m being judged or judged and refused service.

Solution? Petty Eddy. Next time someone asks if I’m vaccinated I’m going to tell them no. No, because, both my parents died after getting the jab. Dr. Fauci admits there are unknown side effects that have and will continue to result in death. But these are outliers so it’s cool. Unless of course you or someone you care about is one of those “unique situations”.

Let’s recap. It’s not ok to ask people about their vaccinations because (*drum rolls please*) it’s none of their fucking business. Medical records are sealed and protected by law for a reason. If you cannot do business without violating one’s right to privacy, information rights and civil liberties, then you shouldn’t be in business. At all.