Industry Baby and Mainstream Buck Breaking

by Edd Stark

About a week ago they put out arguably the most racist music video of all time. If you haven’t already seen Industry Baby, don’t.

Literally every Black man in the video is portrayed as wildly feminine and gay whereas every white man in the video (Jack Harlow) is masculine and straight. Equally concerning is the setting. Why are we glamorizing life in a slave warehouse (prison) to the tune of a gay orgy? The exploitation of Black men via the so-called justice system isn’t cool or entertaining. Being gay AND a slave doesn’t change that. Not only does this narrative falsely represent the real life rape culture that exists today in America’s prison systems, but it promotes and flamboyantly celebrates something that isn’t even real. Prison rape isn’t consensual, it isn’t safe, inmates don’t get pink uniforms and it most definitely is not exclusive to or synonymous with Black men. Please stop making “us” the face of “you”. Chappelle said it best when he used a car metaphor for the gay agenda. White men drive that car. So why not make the white men in the video feminine and gay?

I can’t think of one example in rap that celebrates raping women. Because it’s wrong. And evil. But Industry Baby is dope…

Rest assured if the Black men in the shower scene were Jewish, Arab or Asian, those communities would collectively ASSAULT the cabal responsible for harming their image. Like Dr. Claud Anderson tells us in his book PowerNomics, we must defend ourselves the same way as other groups do. Buck breaking is real and will continue to plague us in the mainstream until we stop putting other groups’ needs ahead of our own. I’m here for the Black gays. Black first, gay second. Gay Blacks, I urge you to reconsider your allegiance.