Ilhan Omar AKA Tom Hanks

by Edd Stark

Ilhan Omar recently made the headlines after being ousted from the House Foreign Affairs Committee by Republicans. I know her name I know her face, but I never cared. Despite her being Black and very Muslim, I never cared because she has a white husband. Aaannd she used to have a Black one. Based off that and yes that alone I’ve never been a fan. As a public figure I don’t trust her. It’s hard to take what appears to be a proud-African-sista-who-wears-a-hijab-in-office seriously when she chose a colonizer over a brother. Her face says Black and proud but her actions? Her choice in a husband says the opposite.

That being said, the GOP is bogus and what they did to her is wrong. I don’t have to do research to understand why she was targeted. She was targeted because she’s Black and Muslim, in that order. I don’t have to remind you that hating on someone’s job based on their skin color is the definition of white supremacy. When the white institution that owns you decides you’re being too Black, they put you in time out. Ousting Miss Omar may have been legal but it wasn’t justice. Our so-called representatives in the GOP acted solely on their hate for Blackness. I say ‘solely’ because the GOP’s hate for Blackness was the linchpin in getting her removed. Tearing down a Muslim was just an added bonus. Two birds, one convenient stone.

On her way out the door Omar gave an exit speech. In that speech she tells us exactly why we in the Black community should not support her. She’s a globalist who doesn’t see herself as Black. She identifies primarily as Muslim and rarely even uses the word ‘Black’. Omar does not care about Black people. Omar does not care about people here at home in Minnesota — y’know the people she was elected to represent! Omar only cares about Muslims, Muslims over there. Wherever ‘there’ is, it doesn’t matter. The point is Edd Stark is a Black Muslim from Minnesota and Omar doesn’t care about him or the Black agenda. She deliberately used her time with the microphone to lead the charge against evils an ocean away. Miss Omar those people over there they are oppressed and they do deserve justice. Our problem with you is George Floyd. The uprising that started here reverberated around the world. Muslims over there were and still are talking about the evils of white supremacy here in your home district. Evils you allow to metastasize because they target Blacks not Muslims. For all the good it did you, to them you’re one of us. Because you’re one of us.

White supremacy doesn’t recognize your Muslim-not-Black shenanigans. White Christians don’t identify as Christian only, and white supremacy is based on whiteness not Christianity. The GOP treated you like they treat Black people (because you’re Black) and instead of turning to us for support you doubled down on the same Muslim globalist mumbo-jumbo that put you on a political island in the first place. Ilhan Omar I dub you Tom Hanks. Your career is the island. Your oppressed people ‘over there’ are Wilson, and no ship is coming to save you. Your life is the Cast Away movie and it’s all your fault.