Fuck Kyle

by Edd Stark

Dear #EddHeads,

What if Kyle Rittenhouse was Black?

We’re all familiar with the term “litmus test”. If not, Google it quickly and come right back for the tea. It goes like this—what would’ve happened if (insert name) was Black? What would’ve happened if Kyle Rittenhouse was Black? He certainly wouldn’t have been acquitted of all charges. That’s a fact.

There is no precedent (and one will never be set) for an underaged Black male to possess a firearm designed for killing humans (as opposed to deer); stalk a peaceful protest full of white people and assassinate them in a premeditated fashion. I don’t care who was chasing who, I don’t care what qualifies as “self defense”. A Black kid can’t run away in self defense without being murdered or convicted—never mind SHOOT in self defense.

In conclusion, if Kyle Rittenhouse was Black he would either be dead or a convicted fucking murderer.

Things are rapidly becoming worse for us in this country, not better. They’ve always been able to murder us with absolute impunity but now white people are literally dispatching other white people in the street under the star-spangled banner of hate and exploitation. White supremacy and state sponsored terrorism are officially the new norm. We have to get on code and fast. We have to say these things out loud and deal with them accordingly.

PS – Happy New Year’s! Fuck Kyle Rittenhouse! Don’t name your kids Kyle…