Refusing the Mandatory Jab

by Edd Stark

Dear #EddHeads,

This just in—Biden is forcing citizens to get the jab or lose their jobs. In response, people are quitting rather than submitting to the massa’s demands. White folk. Highly educated and skilled front line workers are refusing the jab. Big kudos to them!

Meanwhile, y’all expect Black folk, the most oppressed people on the planet, to volunteer for this shit?

The reality is many Black people will get the jab because they can’t afford to loose their jobs. In that sense (and every other sense) the mandate is racist because it targets the poor and disadvantaged by taking away their right to choose. In a Capitalist society with a permanent underclass of enslaved people, many of us Black folk simply cannot afford to walk away from our jobs.

Here’s the twist. Edd Stark actually believes in allies. White people who walk away from their jobs as a result of Biden’s ultimatum are exhibiting “allied behavior”. Now, it’s important to remember that some of these people could in fact be nazis. But, for the garden variety white racist whose racism comes from a place of ignorance rather than hate, you’ve earned a dap.

Your body, your choice. Fuck that vaccine!