In another life, OG Edd Stark could have been a history professor or an activist, but in this life, he speaks truth to power through art. Releasing music professionally since 2019.

Like all native Black youth, he struggled against the constant horrors of white supremacy to survive into adulthood. With a poster of Malcolm X always taped to the wall of his mind.  

Edd Stark made it to college narrowly avoiding a full-time commitment to the streets and when it became readily apparent his hoop dreams were coming to an end, he found his way onto MN’s local battle rap scene.  

With the 2000’s and the emergence of drill rap acts like Chief Keef, FBG Duck (RIP), and Fredo Santana (RIP), they began reshaping the man’s flow, but Edd Stark wasn’t a battle rapper.

Focus shifted back to making music, this time with a message. With a clear purpose.

Driven by the Black-in-America-life experience we all share, the exact same righteous anger we all feel, it was time to reassess and redefine himself for the world to see.  

Edd was turning away from the Harlem Red version of himself that was forced upon him.  

Edd would never beg the gay mafiosos, Zionists, and assorted children of slavemasters for a record deal like so many of his peers.  

No. He would start his own label and simply tell the Truth. He would stop promoting anti-Black self-hate and direct his energy to positive ends.  

OG’s hit single “Revenge” (CLICK TO WATCH NOW) featuring Ohio powerhouse Doobie went viral in 2020 with over 200k streams and zero promotion behind it.

2021 OG dropped a full-length anime-style music video to capitalize on such early success.

Another big hit out now is “Blacc Power” (CLICK TO WATCH NOW) featuring Chicago legend FBG Duck (RIP).